What is Polished CEO?

Not knowing the ins and outs of your business financials puts you at a disadvantage. Don't let this be you.

I remember one moment when I was on a call with a prospective client and she broke down in tears because her business was stressing her completely out. She was nose deep in operating her drycleaning business and she had no clue how much she was making or how much taxes she owed. The IRS letters kept coming and coming and the tax liability kept growing and growing. She had no idea what type of business entity she was or what that even meant and she was filing her tax returns on the wrong form. I helped her understand where she was at, the steps needed to get the business current with the IRS and tasks that should be done regularly for financial reporting purposes. This, in turn, would empower her to streamline the process for years and years and thus blossoming into the Polished CEO of her business.

Raise your hand if you've ever wondered...

  • How do I know I'm not overpaying taxes
  • How can I possibly take all these write-offs if I don't want the IRS to come after me
  • How can I start making serious money?
  • What makes me special anyway?
  • How can I establish myself worthy of charging higher prices?
  • How do I identify where I am falling short in my financial recording systems and how can I revamp the process so that I work smarter not harder
  • How can I increase my bottom line so I have more money to improve and reinvest in my business?
  • What the hell is a business entity and do I need to set one up in order to be a legitimate business owner?
  • Why am I spending so much time summarizing all these receipts.  There must be an easier way. 
  • How do I maintain my books without spending a fortune on hiring help or using pricey software? 
  • I summarized my numbers but damn, what do all these numbers even mean
  • How do I learn all of this so I can do it myself without an expensive business degree? Is it even possible?

It's okay if you don't have all the answers.

Polished CEO will help you correctly complete the financial tasks needed to run an efficient, profitable business.


You're perfect for Polished CEO if you...

  • have been an entrepreneur for at least 12 months and annual revenue is at least $50K

  • are a DIY, go-getter, all-about-the-details, action-taker Boss because no one can run your business better than you can

  • are ready to stop underperforming and start learning strategic ways to grow your montly profits by 5 - 50% again and again and again

  • are unafraid to tackle financials: a subject matter you may love just as much as black licorice. You know this will be the guide you've been waiting for to finally achieve increased revenue and lower taxes

  • want to be hands-on with the numbers of your business so you don't have to rely on overwhelmed accountants who fail to communicate to you what kind of story the financial statements are telling because you are one of hundreds of clients on their never-ending to-do list

  • feel not quite ready to hire a CPA to do all the financial work for you but super ready to learn the dirty work and head-strong on doing it correctly and setting up a promising financial future for your business

Imagine if you could...

  • Overcome your fear of numbers and learn to break down what the numbers are saying so you can make timely business decisions that will cut your taxes and grow your profits

  • Use sophisticated bookkeeping systems to keep tabs on your financial success with ease you never thought possible

  • Sleep well at night knowing you aren't wasting any money or energy on costs that aren't contributing to growing your bottom line

  • Make double, triple, or even quadruple your current revenue just because you've adopted expert-proven accounting & tax strategy and build smarter habits consistently

  • Automate your bookkeeping and streamline your finances, and remove years of stress, frustration, and negligence from your life once and for all -- finally!

  • Hire that virtual assistant you've been talking about or take that much needed vacation to 7 mile beach in Negril


Profits, clarity, structure and strategy.  If you want to learn the proper ways to track your finances, make informed business decisions around your money, get clarity on tax deductions, understand how to keep the IRS away, gain confidence in knowing you have the right accounting methods in play, and gain a boss mindset so you can charge the prices you deserve, then you’ll gain a lot from this guide.

Participate from anywhere in the world.  Be aware that this guide will speak specifically to United States taxation and accounting methods. Internet access required.

Chika Obih, Certified Public Accountant for over a decade, a master in saving clients millions of dollars in tax money since the day she went rogue from her Corporate job nine years ago.

One guide. Two pricing options so you can choose what investment level works best for your wallet so you can get this good training.  

Module 1: Drill into the Numbers

Over half of all businesses fail in the first 12 months. Often because they underestimate how much money it takes to start a business and keep it functioning. Other times, it’s because they miscalculate the taxes that need to be paid to the IRS, state and local authorities. Money is the biggest reason why your business will fail or succeed. In module 1, we drill down the numbers and build a foundational understanding of accounting and income taxes so you can be on your way to growing your business profits.

Module 2: Harness Your Attitude

If you’ve gotten by in life coming up with all the excuses to prevent you from getting to the next level then module 2 will bring you all the way up. We will hone an abundance mindset - you have more, not less - so you can quickly tackle all the BS that emerges and tries to prevent you from being great.

Module 3: Put in Werk

In this module, we break down productivity and talk tips and tools that actually work. We discuss how to organize your workspace, papers, and client files. We take it beyond the workplace and dig into how to be productive in personal life. The consistent ability to stay productive leads to more money in your bank account.

Module 4: Get in Formation

Beyonce told us, ladies, to get in formation. In Polished CEO, I’m telling ya to get in proper legal business entity formation. We learn about the various business entity types, the pros, and cons of each, the financial requirements of each, best practices based on your current business situation and your future business goals.

Module 5: Count your Coins

All about accounting for income and expenses. This module will give you step by step guidance so you can finally track your numbers the correct way. You get answers for questions like: what are the potential risks of lumping business expenses with personal? How do you keep track of revenue efficiently and automated? If someone says they will pay for your service next year, is that income now or then?

Module 6: Tame Your Taxes

We will break down the various tax deductions you're missing to decrease your taxable income, make sure you're using the right tax forms (it's more complicated than you think) the breakdown with depreciation vs tax deductions, how to use strategically use tax bracket for savings and much more.

Module 7: Pay to Play

It's unavoidable - you have to spend money to make money. But this module will help you make informed, smart decisions to return a profit. We go over cost-saving benefits of various business decisions like hiring a team member or investing in the right products or services to support your business.

Module 8: Fund Your Future

Don’t just focus on what’s happening now, you must be thinking about your future to stay relevant and profitable. How do you plan for retirement when you have no money left over after paying bills? We go over the types of retirement funds that are best suited for you as well as investments beyond retirement funds.

Module 9: Climb to the Top

In the previous modules, we broke down the numbers, provided clarity around accounting for your business, understanding how the IRS operates and what income tax deductions can benefit you. We provided structure around numbers, helping you to create systems around bookkeeping, tax filings, and legal entity structure. In Module 9 we bring it all home so you can not only climb to the top but also take your rightful seat as the Polished CEO of your business.


$2,500 one time cost OR 3 installments of $995

  • $2,500.00

    One Time Payment

  • 3 x $995.00

    $995 now. Then 2 more later.


Now let's talk about bonuses...

  • Quick Action Call (Value: $500)

    The first five (5) people to enroll complete with payment will enjoy a FREE 40 Min 1-on-1 call with me. Let’s get your life all the way together

  • Private Facebook Community (Value: $2000)

    You will have six-month access to the support of a CPA and a business community where you can ask finance, accounting, and business questions as well as receive moral support

  • Weekly Group Office Hours (Value: $2500)

    For 9 weeks, you get group office hours to go over worksheets, topics and pressing business and finance questions


Alexandra Ellis, Self-Care + Wellness Coach

When it comes to numbers and taxes, the first thing that comes to mind is someone who is a stickler for rules, regulations, and to be totally honest, boring. Chika is the complete opposite. She is funny, fresh, and on our first call stopped me in my tracks when I kept referring to my net-worth as small or "worthless". She is the champion in your corner for you and your big dreams who just also happens to be an expert at numbers and keeping it real. Because of Chika, I feel empowered with my money and where my business is going in the next 12 months. I finally feel like I'm able to step into BOSS behavior because of her and her guidance!

Eliciana, Professor at Arizona State University

Chika helped me to get my finances back together. I had a few frustrating years of owning a lot of taxes because I didn't know what I was doing. When a good friend of mine referred me to her, I could not believe I was working with a CPA. She took the time to learn all the details of my finances and helped me to fix the problem that was causing me to owe a lot of taxes. Now my finances are organized, and I’m always grateful for receiving a refund instead of a bill.

Jasmine, Owner of The Freshy Fresh

Chika was highly recommended to me by several professionals to clean up my books, discuss future financial goals and bookkeeping for my business. Since the moment I spoke to Chika, she automatically gave me a sense of ease and trust with my needs and targets. I’ve gained confidence in managing my business by relinquishing tasks which I have no expertise in to an expert and it has been the best decision I’ve made since starting my business 6 years ago. Needless to say, I highly recommend Chika.

Transform your financial future in 60 days.

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Who's this guide for?

Polished CEO is a straight-forward, comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs. It's not for everybody. If you're not sure if you fit the criteria, email info@chikaobihcpa.com. I've worked with a variety of business owners and professions, such as:

  • Surgeons, Nurses, Pharmacists

  • Wellness Coaches, Fitness Therapists, Life Coaches, Psychotherapists

  • Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Software Engineers

  • Photographers, Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Film Producers

  • Teachers, Nonprofit Founders, Principals, and so much more

EXTRA BONUS: The Five Game Changers to Increase Productivity

I just can't help myself...

Work smarter, not harder. In this video, I outline how I made $20K in the first month of 2019 because I made these 5 key changes. No gimmick. And you get access to this bonus on top of $3,195 worth of freebies when you purchase Polished CEO.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a Polished CEO?

    A woman who makes bank running her business while making sure her taxes and finances are correct, in order, and working in her favor. She is confident and clear on not only how to operate her business but how to track and interpret the numbers of her business. She's got it all together and her cash flow speaks for itself.

  • How will this guide be delivered and taught?

    It will be delivered every week beginning Tuesday, June 4th for nine weeks. Each module will have multiple topical videos, assignments and supplemental content. Thursdays are group office hour days where I answer your specific questions from the module from that week and also dig deeper on that module if needed.

  • I'm not an independent contractor or business owner, can I still use this guide?

    While this guide is loaded with lots of useful information for all, it's specifically designed with entrepreneurs in mind.

  • Does this guide include 1 on 1 consulting?

    No, but for 9 weeks, this guide includes weekly group office hours and a private Facebook community where I'll be to make sure you're on track.

  • What is the biggest way Polished CEO can improve my business?

    You want more revenue? Higher profit margins? Freedom from thinking the IRS has your number on speed dial? Clarity around how to structure your business so that you limit any legal liability and can secure bigger bags? Then Polished CEO is the guide you need to improve your business.

  • How much time will it take to get through the guide?

    I won’t lie to you, this guide is comprehensive and detailed. It digs into financial terms, accounting methods, tax law and applies it to your business operations. But it is designed to be digested by topic, so when you come across a particular issue in your business, you can look back at this guide for clarity on how to approach it. You don't need to read it word-for-word (not sure why you'd want to, but you can) because you can take bite-sized information in when needed.

  • What do I need to know or do to prepare for the guide June 4th?

    Once you enroll, you will receive a welcome email with a link to gain access to the private Facebook community. In the FB group, watch the bonus video “5 Game Changers to Increase Your Productivity” You’re welcome in advance for the boost of inspiration :) Then on Day 1, we get to werk!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want to make this a no brainer for you. Join the program, do the work and achieve a clearer sense about your business financials. If you don't see results, I will give your money back if you can provide proof that you did the work.

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About me, the Instructor!

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

I'm Chika. I've been in the tax game since 2003 and running my own Tax Practice since 2010. When I'm not working on the #ChikasTaxTips digital community, you can find me teaching Bikram yoga, lounging with friends over bottomless mimosa brunch or obsessively researching my next travel destination (Cabo, anyone?) I'm passionate about helping women reach financial security. These days it is vital that we as women, stake a claim at the table, show up, speak up, and support each other in slaying this BOSS lifestyle. Join me only if you're ready for bigger bags, securing financial freedom and see your business grow beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready to step into your financial power?